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Such an honour to host and hear from an incredible group of individuals on a range of topics from #mentalhealth, #employment to #investment and #entrepreneurship.

It IS a fact. People of colour do have to work twice as hard to get half as far. We have to be:

• Twice as efficient

• Twice as dependable

• and twice as noticeable

... just so we can keep up with our counterparts.

This discourages our youth.

I recall a statement by Federal MP Tim Watts where he said at a #communitylevel we are very efficient and #inclusive to #peopleofcolour, but when it comes to breaking the glass sealing, we still have work to do. The cohort that’s above the sealing does not reflect the general population - they are mostly caucasian.

Think CEO’s, parliamentarians, board members, directors and even TV presenters (news reporters and actors)

This, discourages our youth.

It was inspiring to hear from these speakers as they encouraged us to continue to grow in the world of work, get involved in our local community and help each other along the way and repeat the process for the next person.

Also thanking Athanas ZivaveVictoria T. ZivaveDr Godwin MasukaBianca Ushe and the Zimbabwe Family Well-being Australia (ZiFWA) for their support.

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